The Vision, Mission and Goals of Leadership Development Resource

LDR began as a venture for recruiting African Americans into the PCA and God has shaped it into a safe haven for people of color. It has become a gathering for people who want to talk frankly about race, gender, and other core cultural concerns from a theologically Reformed perspective.

The Vision of LDR is to see, by God’s grace and mercy, a grass roots, multiethnic, theologically Reformed, Gospel movement in North America.

The Mission of LDR is disciple making. LDR seeks to increase an evangelistic passion for the winning of African Americans and other minorities to Jesus. Also, to invite them into a Reformed understanding of the Scriptures with a culturally honest, ethnic integration of church life and worship.

The Goals of LDR are to:

  • Build momentum and maintain relationships through annual gatherings and regional meetings hosted by local churches.
  • Build and encourage a movement of prayer.
  • Recruit African Americans and other minorities into Reformed seminaries.
  • Recruit African Americans and other minority church planters to start PCA and other Reformed churches.
  • Refresh and equip current African American and other minority church leaders.
  • Engage inter-minority dialogue among all people groups.
  • Provide a safe space for minority Christians to be themselves without explaining themselves.
  • Connect current and emerging leaders through inter-generational mentoring.
  • Educate for the purpose of promoting real talk about racial unity and justice.

LDR Weekend exists to build momentum and maintain relationships among Black church leaders and allies who seek to amplify Black voices in the church.

LDR Weekend’s mission is to support the goals of its mother organization, the Leadership Development Resource.