What is LDR?

The Leadership Development Resource is an initiative of The African American Reformed Network, Mission to North America, The New City Network, and South City Church in Saint Louis.

LDR Weekend is our the gathering of the Leadership Development Resource. This conference exists to amplify Black voices in biblical theology and promote racial unity as an imperative in training up people of color for lay leadership, reconciliation and justice, and vocational ministry.

Is LDR Weekend only for African Americans?

The event is specifically geared toward the African American experience in the Reformed tradition of Christianity.  Nevertheless, Christians of any race and denomination are welcome to attend.

Is LDR for women?

OF COURSE! The LDR was built for both women and men who want to receive great teaching from our presenters, learn more about social justice, the role of the church, and connect with African Americans from across the nation.

What about college and seminary students?

Please join us! One of the goals of the LDR is to help college and seminary students gain insight and guidance about where God may be calling them. Whether you’re interested in further schooling, pastoral positions, international missions, counseling, lay ministry or anything else you’ll find people at the LDR who can share their wisdom with you.

Is LDR only for people interested in being pastors?

NO! LDR is for people of any vocation and life stage.



How much does LDR cost to attend?

The LDR conference is $75.00 general admission and $45.00 for students. Generous partnerships with MNA’s African American Ministries, Covenant Theological Seminary and various churches allow us to provide this content-packed weekend at the lowest cost possible.

How do I get a scholarship?

Email our registration team! LDRWeekend@gmail.com

Can I get a refund? We do not offer refunds.

LDR conference fees intentionally do not reflect actual operational expenses. This is how we maintain a family friendly event that is not a burden to the budgets of students, ministers and families who sacrifice time and money as part of their response to the gospel call.
Every ticket purchased is a donation to this initiative and helps us maintain this commitment.



Are there any free events at LDR Weekend?

Yes! Friday night worship and Saturday night prayer & communion are free and open to all.

Is childcare offered? For what ages?

Yes, free childcare is offered on a first-come basis throughout the conference
Friday night: 0-4
Saturday: 0-5th grade

Which meals are provided with registration?

Dinner Friday night
Lunch Saturday
Local churches and seminary families often invite LDR participants to dinner Saturday night

What if I have dietary restrictions?

Our caterer provides vegetarian and gluten free options to participants who register on time and indicate their needs in the registration process.

Our registration and event staff will provide maps and recommendations for places to purchase food for other dietary restrictions.

How do we arrange transportation to St. Louis, MO?

Participants are responsible for their own transportation to LDR Weekend. But once in town, we can certainly help arrange rides. Contact us about transportation by emailing LDRWeekend@gmail.com

Where will we stay while we’re in St. Louis?

Participants may make their own hotel arrangements or choose to stay with host families from area churches for free. To request free housing, email LDRWeekend@gmail.comand ask to be connected to the housing coordinator.


See you in St. Louis!