For decades, I’ve envisioned, longed for, and worked toward an indigenous African American movement where all the robustness of Reformed theology would be applied to our life-defining cultural concerns.  I believe that the fullness of the Gospel, as seen through the lens of redemptive history, has the ability to transform lives, impact our communities and inform our history with empowering purpose.  Each year that the Leadership Development Resource (LDR) gathers to meet, the fulfillment of this vision I had so many years ago comes more and more into view.

Each year at LDR, the numbers of young people committed to this unspoken vision grows, and I’m encouraged to see some of our best and brightest minds tackling our cultural core concerns with fresh eyes and renewed vigor.

This year, with the theme “Orthodox Activism,” LDR seeks to rescue the concept of social justice from the empty liberalism identified by Machen, and place it in a biblical and Christ-centered application – a concept that moves us forward in understanding the transformative power of union with Christ and its redemptive implications for individual lives and entire communities.  As with every LDR, my wife and I eagerly anticipate this exciting weekend of testimony, teaching, and rich time together.

Won’t you join the movement?

Warm Regards,

Carl and Karen Ellis