Truth, Love, and Listening

A request for our white participants

Dear brothers and sisters,  Thank you for registering to join us for LDR Weekend! We truly look forward to welcoming you to our family reunion. Please take a look at the event schedule as you make your plans.

The LDR Organizing team would like to ask our white brothers and sisters to dedicate one seminar hour to anti-racism training.

Seminars are Saturday September 2nd, 10:30am and 1pm at Covenant Seminary.  We have developed a special workshop “Speaking Truth in Love as White People”, as a space for frank conversation and intensive training in anti-racism.

Your sisters and brothers of color desire a space to be themselves without explaining themselves. LDR Weekend was created to be that space. We are delighted that you want to participate in this great event! That means hearing, repenting and listening more than you speak.

We don’t want you to miss an opportunity to share your questions. There is space for that at LDR Weekend as well! This anti-racism workshop is a mini-convocation of sorts, a space where there’s no such thing as a bad question, and ample opportunity to process what’s happening in the American church today.

Anti-Racism is not a radical term. It is not a radical notion. It is a lifestyle rooted in equity, justice and love. It is born of the truth of God. That some of our most theologically “fundamental” teachers and commentators have avoided the topic is no excuse.

Words have consequences. But silence is a speech act too.

We hope to live out the liberty and unity that God has granted us all  by intentionally speaking truth in love, and by offering a variety of avenues – or on-ramps – to eradicating racial terror, bigotry and nationalism from the household of Faith. We hope you will attend LDR Weekend with the intention of hearing people of color communicate with and encourage each other, then strategize for the ways in which you can build safe spaces in your faith communities, and greater still, the ways you can turn your houses of worship into spaces of refuge for the most marginalized people  in your cities and towns.

We need you to disciple your fellow white folks into lifestyles of anti-racism. We need you to do the things that you are asking them to do: hear the stories of white people who are committed to following and learning from people of color, and then educate each other.

To that end, please plan to spend an hour at this special workshop for intensive training in anti-racism as an integral part of ministry in the American context. Some of the presenters:

Howie Meloch of St. Louis activist organization Faith for Justice, and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, will teach the local history of the Ferguson Uprising, including principles of faith-rooted activism as a spiritual practice, and the theology of protest.

Randy Nabors, founder of the New City Network, will teach on white fragility and the construct of superiority as it plays out in white majority ministry contexts.

Amy Pedersen, a political activist, will teach on humility, and the ethnic identity of whiteness; the importance of remembering that white people’s standing as a global minority makes the freedom struggle much more accessible than many Americans can see.

Testimonies and teaching from other white sisters and brothers will touch on transracial family life, white leaders in majority Black organizations, and improving anti-racism practices at seminaries. Plus, discussion groups and ample Q&A, so bring all your questions.

If you never think twice when driving across town or across the country, from fear of being pulled over and judged by the color of your skin, please consider the other pieces of existence you might never have to worry about.

Please come and show love through diligent listening and learning. We promise that you will not miss the party. In fact, the more you explore and listen to the truth about redemptive suffering, the sweeter the experience of Spirit-filled rejoicing will be. 

Thank you for taking the time to support LDR Weekend. We look forward to being with you in September!