We asked friends, founders and stakeholders to describe this gathering.

What is the LDR? Refreshing! Renewing! Rejoicing!

Rev. Alex Shipman

Do you feel like a black fish in a sea of sharks in your ministry context? Come to LDR to get suited up with theological, emotional, and spiritual armor so you can keep fighting the good fight of faith.

Weary social justice fighters like me cross the threshold at LDR and breathe a collective sigh of relief. We can be recharged and rejuvenated. Finally.

At some point during the weekend, you’ll be sanging your heart out to the Lord, you’ll look around and see white and black brothers and sisters rejoicing together, and you’ll say to yourself, “Yassssss THIS is what I’ve been longing for.”

Mazaré Rogers

Black Souls Matter. Joining Jesus in the Black diaspora.

Struggle, Gospel, and Joy in being a Black saint in America.

The sounds of color versus polychrome dissonance.

Rev. Randy Nabors

LDR Weekend is the meeting place of reformed theology and the radical, exuberant worship — the meeting of the head and the heart, thus motivating the hands and the feet as the Bible and the Spirit of YHWH calls for. Steeped in the African American tradition, rooted in the struggle and joy of the Gospel, open to all.

Alexis D. Coleman

LDR weekend is a time for people of color to come together in the name of Christ to be equipped and encouraged to carry out the great work God has called us to. It’s a refreshing, reviving, and revitalizing weekend.

Kristal Yancie

LDR weekend is a place of refuge and respite for the weary soul. It’s a place where I know I am seen, loved, and appreciated. When I’m at LDR, I’m with family and we are worshipping our Savior with all that is within us. That is what LDR is to me.

Ekemini Uwan