Content at LDR Weekend is designed by and for people of color. Here are this year’s seminar topics.

Speaking Truth in Love to Our Children

Children’s education that remembers social trauma, the beauty of blackness, the importance of loving truth and seeking representation in curriculum for marginalized groups.

Speaking Truth in Love to our Youth

Understanding the experiences of Black youth, including youth in ministry plans, centering the most marginalized young people, addressing education issues in Black culture.

Truth in Love from Afro-Diasporic Peoples: The Impact of Humanitarian Tourism.

Testimony and conversation on what it means to be apart of a “Global Community” and how activists and religious leaders around the globe are achieving sustainability.

Speaking Truth in Love about Politics

Today’s church must grapple with the implications of the close proximity of politics to the way we promote – and the world perceives – our faith.

Truth and Love in Communication

Christians and code-switching. An exploration of Black cultural vernacular and its usefulness in vocation, building relationships, clarifying meaning. Is it wise to code switch? Is it ever useful? Can it be deceptive?

Truth and Love in Interminority Dialogue

Practicing truth and love in relationships means exploring the ways that cultural supremacist notions have impacted every relationship. People of color must participate in building friendships across would-be divisions of nationality, language and color. This seminar focuses on learning and listening with our brothers and sisters who dwell beyond the Black-White binary.

Speaking Truth in Love at Work

So much advice is given to ministry leaders who serve the mission of the church and para-church organizations. This seminar focuses on the importance of gospel witness in corporate America, non-religious workspaces and educational institutions.

Speaking Truth in Love on Social Media

Should I tweet that? How long until this facebook conversation needs to go private or just be deleted? How much of “the world is watching” and “don’t give the devil a foothold” really applies to how we speak online?

Truth and Love in Civic Engagement

Political and non-political strategy for amplifying the causes of equality, racial justice, incentivizing systemic mercy, loving the poor and liberating the oppressed.

Speaking Truth in Love through the Arts

Artistic expression is evident throughout scripture, and art is central to cultural expression. How can leaders and volunteers employ art in their ministries through the varied cultural inspirations that display faithfulness to the story of scripture?

Speaking Truth in Love as White People

A special workshop for learning anti-racism as a way of life. The gospel of Jesus teaches us about living in unconditional love for the many different cultures present in God’s deliberately diverse church. Testimonies and Lessons on white privilege, white fragility, transracial adoption, interracial relationships, building a faith-rooted Racial Justice and Reconciliation Syllabus and more.