LDR 2015 || September 4-6  in St. Louis

The African American Leadership Development Resource is a gathering for equipping, engaging and reinvigorating ministry leaders – current or prospective- who desire to address the core concerns of black communities.  This annual conference is designed for African Americans specifically, but it is not exclusively for African Americans. People of all ethnicities and denominations are welcome to attend; especially college and seminary students (current or prospective) who are looking to fellowship with like-minded believers or be connected to mentors in the faith.


This year’s conference will spark conversation around the themes of gospel-shaped activism, Christian responsibility and social justice. The weekend features events and presentations on a number of topics like these:

–  the misguided doctrine of spirituality used to mask church sanctioned racism and lack of evangelical involvement in social issues.

– learning from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  and the theology of the Civil Rights movement.

– Interaction and Q & A with local activists and law enforcement

– Prayer as activism, protest as liturgical practice, the question of congregational mobilization

– Discussions on cultural intelligence, protest as spiritual formation, and Christian responsibility in public justice.

– opportunities for small group discussion and candid conversation with local pastors and ministry leaders who have responded to social issues in a variety of ways.

Upgrades for LDR ’15

For the first time this year, Youth Ministries will play an important role in the conference. Young people in grades 7-12, as well as the leaders who minister to them, are invited to participate in discussions and activities designed to equip emerging generations in cultural engagement through gospel-shaped activism. Youth-focused events are scheduled for Saturday September 5th.

This year’s conference theme is meant to challenge all of us – personally and corporately – to address the biases that hinder reconciliation in our contexts. LDR 15 is an opportunity to focus on the beliefs that unite us, and an invitation to dialogue on the matters over which we disagree, while affirming that unity ought not be impacted by disagreement. The display of that unity will be evident throughout the conference, especially during worship times which include extensive participation in prayer, congregational singing and confessional elements.

 Registration Info

General admission is $50 and student registration is $25. Childcare is provided at no additional cost, as are most meals. Free housing in nearby homes is also available for the weekend. See the contact page for more information.

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